Marc Emery Responds to North Shore News’ “Tough Love” article

Re: Tough Love for Drug Pushers.

Since I would certainly be one of the millions of Canadians who have trafficked in the illegal plant called cannabis, and all of us in the marijuana culture have shared a joint -trafficked as it reads in law- with dozens or hundreds of others over our lifetime, I wonder how the society of barbarism Mr. Alan Williams advocates could possibly be more humane than simply legalizing all drugs, regardless of the risks of taking any drug?

Want to end prostitution for the next fix? Legalize and regulate heroin. Want to end any organized crime involved in drugs? Legalize and regulate these drugs. Want to end the junkie theft problem? Want to end the destabilization of a dozen nations in Central & South America? End the drug war! Want to deal a body blow to organized crime, corrupt governments, crooked law enforcement agencies, the C.I.A., most terrorist organizations? Legalize the distribution of all drugs.

Surely Mr. Williams faux concern about 12,000 junkies justifying a total, constitution-less police state is concealing a more ominous agenda, the perpetuation of tragic failure (the drug war) creating misery for hundreds of millions of people who use so-called “illegal” drugs worldwide. Any heroin addict would be better off in a legal environment where the addict is not regarded as criminal and criminal actions are not required to get the necessary heroin.

Imagine if tobacco addiction was punished with jailings, or for that matter alcohol possession, or even the dangerous and addictive chocolate or caffeines were punished by jailings, without even a constitutional recourse at any point? Jailings without bail? Where do you stop in punishing? When does it become obvious that a policy of pernicious punishments for drug bahaviour is clearly wrong and never works? Over 1,000,000 Americans are in jail now over drugs but the drug culture advances, despite staggering and shocking sentences.

And the hypocrisy! Every adult in Canada (and many of their children!) are involved in controversial substances, whether legal like tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, prescription drugs, ritalin, or illegal like marijuana, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, cocaine, heroin. Who will judge whom and on what basis? Surely not health, because this would justify the pot smokers (no deaths) rounding up all booze-heads and tobacco junkies, as they are easily the greatest menace to the safety of our streets and the mortality in our hospitals. But even those addicted to tobacco and alcohol should not be punished by fellow citizens or our police for vices which punish enough in and of themselves.

As members of the community, our bond with our fellow citizens is to help them in times of crisis, not to condemn them to a lifetime of damnation because we are so full of sanctimonious bile and hypocrisy!

Mr. Wright, shilling the murderous dictatorship necessary for the world of Mr. Alan Williams, has scorned every rightfully sacred principle of a free society. It is a disgrace to carry the rantings of some one who wishes his fellow citizens such hurt and demonization. Pray the members of our great community choose an opposite course of rational thinking and constructive problem solving rather than such bilious hate mongering, something the North Shore News should be thoroughly sensitized to by now.

Marc Emery, Publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Vancouver, British Columbia

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