A working lunch

When walking along the newly opened Trans Canada Hiking Trail, be sure to stop for some good eats at the ew Hemp Cafe in Belleville Ontario. The trail passes right behind the restaurant, a converted 19th century fire station overlooking the peaceful Moirira River.
The Hemp Cafe aims to host a fully integrated eatery that will serve up the domestic hemp harvest from nearby organic hemp farmers on contract with Joint Hempstock. Joint Hempstock sees their Belleville hemp food restaurant as an ideal vehicle to bring their farming partners’ hemp bounty directly from the soil to the salad bar.

The Hemp Cafe will deliver a level of hempseed freshness most people have never experienced, and are they ever going to love what they finally chomp down on. Only fresh, organic hemp seed will be featured in the Belleville Hemp Cafe. Hungry yet? Read on?

Owner operator Jay Blair has lured Belleville’s number one organic vegetarian chef, Monsieur Jean Delawarre, to create a thoroughly modern menu using mucho hempseed in his offerings.

As you dine, watch in wonder as certified organic locally grown, licensed and inspected legal hempseed is being crushed, fresh, right in the Hemp Cafe, before your own, all-natural eyeballs. The resulting treasure food is then transformed, on site into savory hemp pasta, pesto, pizza, cookies, muffins and more.

The real coup d’organica will be their status as official supplier of hempseed to the snazzy Manhattan organic restaurant to the stars ? the fabulous Galaxy Restaurant. Hemp seed food, no longer vague but in vogue, is hot, hot, hot at the tail end of the 20th century.

The Hemp Cafe is gearing the menus and prices to diners who can afford to make eating there a regular event. At $8 – 10 bucks for a hearty lunch and $12 – 15 for a complete dinner, the Hemp Cafe is realistic about serving hemp food to people who want nutrition, taste and value, like live music and conversation.

The Cafe, seating 40 hungry custumers, is scheduled to open sometime around half past July. The opening gala will see specially invited hemp honkers from popular culture such as gray bearded rock relic Rompin’ Ronnie Hawkins.

? Joint Hempstock: tel (416) 532-4298; email [email protected]