Crossword Fun

Welcome back to the challenging Cannabis Crossword. The solution to issue #15 is shown at left, sent in by Julee, an industrious reader obviously talented at both language and visual arts. Unfortunately, she didn’t get drawn for a prize, but we hope he appreciates her work being immortalized on our pages. The Secret Phrase was “Plant Seeds”, sound advice at any time.
The lucky entry randomly drawn as Grand Prize Winner was RC in Alberta, who requested that we send him some quality genetics to help him follow our fine suggestion. 10 DNA receptacles are winging their way towards him right now. Use them well RC.

Oddly enough, both our runner-ups hail from Kansas, their initials being AC and AK. They’ll both receive a nice CC hat and some other fun treats from our offices.

Congratulations to all our winners!

I recommend a fat joint of the finest Sativa you can muster to help you loft through this issue’s perplexing puzzle. Solve the crossword, then unscramble the letters in the coloured squares to reveal the magic phrase. Write it down on a piece of paper with your name, address and phone number, and mail it to the address below.

We’ll do a random draw of all entries received before May 7, 1999, and the winner will receive a fat sack of herbal love, or a hempen item if you specify on your entry. Second and third prizes will receive CC memorabilia and other fun stuff.

Send your entries to: CC Crossword by email to [email protected]. We must insist, only one entry per household. That means you, PH in Niagara Falls!


1. What the glaucoma sufferer did after smoking up.(3)
4. Final mixed-up salt.(4)
8. How chicken made egg.(3)
11. Psychedelic discovered by Albert Hoffman.(4)
13. Drug laws _____ ignorant myths.(4)
14. State mixed up at sex.(5)
16. Entrapment means cops used this.(4)
17. Mix circularly.(4)
18. How to be to get out of tight spot.(5)
19. Fake ones are good for red eyes.(5)
21. Mountain top, highest high.(4)
23. Tantric techniques enhanced by pot.(3)
24. Man?s name sounds like whirlpool.(5)
25. Jedi knight makes half of popular upper.(3)
27. Unit of hash.(4)
30. Canadian parliament _____ ed new drug laws.(5)
33. Latin flower plants, like cannabis. (5)
37. When Belladonna is cut, it makes a ring.(4)
39. Penthouse grow space.(4)
41. With knowledge, weed can be grown with this.(4)
42. Mixed up ale makes archaic meadow.(3)
43. What original version of this soft drink contained.(4)
44. A bit of a pickle.(4)
45. Vote mixed-up by right to cancel.(4)
46. The cop _____ the informant to rat on friends.(5)
47. It?s loud with one in nose.(5)
49. Row of homeless.(4)
51. The cops can seize this if there?s pot in it.(3)
52. Marijuana goes by many of these.(5)
56. Terrance McKenna says it ?resets the compass of the self.?(3)
59. What narcs have of compassion.(4)
62. Good grass yields a perma – _____.(5)
63. Polo explorer who went for pasta.(5)
65. How many times you smoked before liking weed.(4)
67. The only thing to give a narc.(4)
69. Thai Stick is of _____ origin.(5)
70. Cops at the front! Escape out the _____.(4)
71. Doesn?t matter in sex, does with doobies.(4)
72. Knife for burning hash.(3)
73. Superman?s alter-ego.(4)
74. Hydroponics comes fully equipped in this.(3)


1. Endless Salt.(3)
2. Pretty boy had _____ appendicitis.(5)
3. How is stoned electrician?(5)
4. Not greater.(6)
5. British med-pot activists: Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics.(3)
6. A loose lip can sink one.(4)
7. When drug laws passed, they _____ up the Constitution.(4)
8. Reefer madness doesn?t have one to stand on.(3)
9. The world rotates around those who opposed allies.(4)
10. Princeton, Harvard, _____.(4)
12. What weed smoking band is grateful for.(4)
14. Many people?s pot is _____ and smoked by cops.(5)
15. Pot can enhance this part of life.(3)
20. Part of hassle before marole.(4)
22. First murdered brother.(4)
26. Pigs in pot-friendly clothing.(5)
28. You have the ability with rearranged bale.(4)
29. Marijuana collectors go to pot swap _____.(5)
31. Good acid depends on a good one of these.(4)
32. A puff on a joint, token without end.(4)
33. To grow, hydroponic plants must be _____.(3)
34. Hemp was once _____ in water to free its fibres.(4)
35. Norwegian capital.(4)
36. Hemp will make tree paper an artifact of the past.(5)
38. To see the truth about pot, one must only _____.(4)
40. The start of federal agents.(3)
45. Latin truth is half a healing plant.(4)
46. Without this, Holland would be buried in water, not weed.(4)
48. Place for haircuts.(5)
50. How to get seedling into soil.(6)
53. Pass over the single girl.(4)
54. f bee is B then _____ L.(5)
55. Drug laws are an excuse for police to _____ assets.(5)
56. Last three-quarters of ecstacy.(3)
57. Some people _____ peyote and mix it to improve flavour.(4)
58. Happy threesome in mixed riot.(4)
60. Stopper for vial of hash oil.(4)
61. Some inject behind this to avoid tracks.(4)
64. If cops are dogs, then a pot smoker is a cool _____.(3)
66. Beer is a drug that comes in these.(3)
68. If pot were an animal it would be _____.(3)

Clues by Dan Loehndorf and Dana Larsen. Crossword Puzzle by Keith Hentschel.