Cannabis Crossword

Welcome back to our infamous Cannabis Crossword, persistent puzzlers. We’ve no winners to announce this issue, as we allowed a late deadline for last issue’s puzzle, to ensure all devotees had a chance to get their entries in on time.
We can’t even share the solution to last issue’s perplexing puzzle, since by the time this gets into your hot little hands the deadline will not have passed.

(Did you know it can take up to a month from when we take an issue to the printers to when it reaches the newsstands? Such is the wonderful world of magazine distribution.)

From now on we’ll be lagging one issue behind in our solutions, to ensure that as many readers as possible get the chance to enter. All the more reason never to miss an issue!

Pack a big stinking thinker of a bowl and solve this issue’s perfidious puzzle, then unscramble the coloured squares to reveal the secret-sacred message. Write it down on a piece of paper with your address and phone number, and get it to us before August 10, 1998.

We’ll do a random draw from all correct entries received, and we’ll send the winner a well-sealed bag of BC’s finest herbs. Second and third prizes are whatever cool CC stuff we have lying around the office at the time. (If you’d prefer a hempen item as your prize, please specify on your entry.)


1) What to do when in hash oil past your waist
5) Appropriate tap arrangement
8) Sounds like you used yeast during fertilization
12) Mushroom growing medium
13) Your dealer keeps calling, your front is _____
14) In retrospect, evil can be vivacious
15) Why not go for a _____?
16) How many people should be released from jail for drug offenses
17) Mixed-up sage lasts a long time
18) What one should have before buying
21) The less people you tell about your grow room, the _____ you are
24) When burnt out, one _____
28) LSD can temper this element of self
29) Characteristic of smoke used to judge quality
33) High molecule
34) Commonly used recording device
35) Prohibitionists must _____ the light
36) Age
37) A mushroom ___ has everything you need to grow them
38) Explosive Indian pot
40) Second part of YMCA
41) Prohibitionist facial expression
43) Rear-end, and in latin; a valuable possession
45) What Monroe and Manson have in common
49) Where the weed is when you’re jonesin’
52) Adore without the marketing
53) What dissertations and sex can have in common
57) Rearrange door for potent smell
58) Male offspring
59) How the mites got into your garden when you came inside
60) What to do when the cops ask you anything
61) One day oppressive laws will have to ___
62) Why narco-nazis want your urine


1) Looked backwards, past is
2) Hemp was first used long _____
3) Either way round, a fertilizing male plant
4) What the government should do to records of marijuana offenses
5) First man to try the Tree of Knowledge
6) After hemp fibre, before paper
7) What snitches do on you
8) Not responsive to excitement
9) Hypodermic is a truckin’ high
10) First woman to try the Tree of Knowledge
11) The first part of dessert
19) Rearrange tar to hang in museum
20) End of here is before
21) How she finds
22) Once more
23) Rolling doobies is this to the world’s greatest doobie roller
25) At the centre of every bud
26) First part of THC, minus one
27) Not much from mixed cants
30) Burn the first part of hash to get this
31) A lot of salty water
32) If you have 12 joints and you smoke 2
38) Place for women to hide their stash
39) Happy sexual orientation
42) The Prince of Pot
44) Method of cocaine ingestion
46) Sweet smelling flower
47) Prohibitionists’ favourite way to brand hempsters
48) Dealers do this when they give a front
49) He saw every herb he had made, and they were good!
50) Lyric poem for the scrambled doe that ate my pot patch
51) No in France
54) Fishy goo sounds like it’ll move your canoe
55) One day there’ll be TV _____ for pot
56) Don’t _____ the bastards get you down