High Times in Oreganja








High Times in Oreganja

We got the best buds at the
World Hemp Expo and we’ve brought them straight to you!

All Photos by Barge?

A few thousand people gathered in Oregon this summer, to participate
in the High Times “World Hemp Expo Extravaganja” held on a private farm
near Eugene.?

The event was more of a Northwest pot-fest than a World Hemp Expo, with
Fishbone and a number of local bands providing the musical backdrop to
three days of getting really high and wandering amongst booths selling
glass pipes, hemp clothes, food and countercultural knick-knacks.?

Since the event was held on a private farm there was nary a copper in
sight, and the gange flowed plentifully. A rare respite from the paranoid
undertones that often accompany CC visits to the USA.?

Our photographer Barge had the brilliant idea of putting a sign on our
booth saying that he would photograph any buds brought before him. We were
soon swamped with proud growers eager the show off the cream of their harvest.
Fine colas of all shapes and sizes were being swapped across our table.?

Gawking onlookers gathered round, trying to catch a glimpse or possibly
a rare toke of the amazing variety of herbs being placed under the photographic
lens. Oregon growers are proud of their quality buds, and from the look
of their product they have good reason to be.?

We’ve culled the best buds from Barge’s stack of photos, and present
them here for your envy and enjoyment. Comments are from Barge and Sean
of the Little Grow Store.?

Strange American Customs??

Getting into the states was a bit of a challenge for the CC crew, as
US customs initially stopped our car at the border and refused us entry.
A dour customs agent told us that our few CC magazines and T shirts made
it “obvious” that at least one of us had a criminal record. No entry for
us unless we could prove otherwise.?

Never ones to give up, we drove to the nearest RCMP station and asked
for criminal record checks. Within an hour we were on our way, clutching
official forms showing us to be as innocent as babes in the eyes of Canadian
law. US customs agents reluctantly let us through.?

CC at the RCMP?

The HempBC & Cannabis
Canada team waiting for their criminal record checks. From left to right:
Sean (Little Grow Shop), Shell (Cannabis Cafe), Barge (Photographer), Dana
Larsen (lying down, CC Editor), Sister Ice (HempBC), Suzanne Gracan (CC
Managing Editor).

A few weeks later I tried to fly to Seattle to attend their Hempfest. When
US customs asked me where I was going and who my employer was I answered
truthfully, having crossed over many times before and never having had
any problems.?

I was asked if I smoked marijuana and I answered that I have indeed
done so. I was then flatly refused entry and told that I should not try
to re-enter for one year. The customs agent said that he would not permit
me to “promote narcotics” in his country, and that he had “lost friends
to marijuana”. Apparently new directives give agents more discretion to
refuse entry to people with political beliefs deemed to be dangerous.?finis?

By Dana Larsen?

Afghani Mama?

Very heavy physical buzz. Afghanis require comfy couches.?

Another Affi, but a little wet.?
Alaskan Manatooska Thunderfuck??

These buds were huge, some were forearm size. Very tight and covered
with crystals.?
Baseball Bat Weed?

Harsh chemical taste.?
Big Bud?

Like most big bud: mellow high with a nice taste, great commercial
Blue Bubble?

Grown by renowned Oregon breeder DJ Short. Great taste, really smooth.?
Blue Moonshine?

A most crystallized bud, like smoking blueberry trichromes. Irie!?
Blue Velvet??

Electric! Sean’s favourite. Oregon Thai cross, mainly sativa.?

We knew any hassles at US customs would fade away after trying DJ Short’s
Blueberry and other blue treats. Blueberry lived up to its name, great
taste and very dense, a truly great indica.?
Blueberry x Western winds??

An amazing cross of two great strains, a big long cola of some of the
sweetest tasting herb. One of the booth’s favourites.?
Durban Poison??

Some great organic sativa, really dense with a great spicy taste and
smooth, uplifting high. Nice.?

Our favourite! Flo is a very apt name: the energy flows through you.
I was vibrating. I can’t wait to grow my own.?
Forget Me Not?

I didn’t! A very dark coloured bud with a strong indy stone.?
Homer Bud?

Tight resiny bud.?
Korean Skunk??

Very strong smell with a great stone and flavour. One of my favourites.?
Lime Bud?

A great way to start the photo shoot with a big citrus flavoured bud.
Could have been a little drier.?
NL x Blueberry??

We tore this one open and there was sap in there! Amazing resin production,
strong smelling. NL Blueberry crosses are great! Fast, strong, fruity pot.?
NW Black Diamond??

A very old Nigerian Hawaiian cross. Purple calyxes with vibrant orange
hair, great smoke.?
New York From New Mexico
Home Stone

Fancy name for an ordinary bud.?
Oregon Gold?

We really enjoyed this beautiful organic G-13, Hawaiian Thai cross.
Strong sweet taste, and a generous sample, made for a great joint with
a pile of crystals left over. Definitely a favourite!?
The Pez??

Northern lights dominant. Very sugary, piney taste. Yum.?
SF Purple??

Amazing purple calyxed, green stemmed color scheme. A very strong afghani
taste and stone.?
Stinky Boop Bud??

Strange name for bud that wasn’t very stinky!?
Sugar Bud?

Nice commercial looking bud.?

This pot made us hallucinate in a coastal hotel parking lot.?