CCM&H - Winter 1994

  • So, You Wanna Grow Pot?

    So you've decided to grow pot, but you don't have the money to buy several 1,000 watt halide lamps, and, unless you steal power (not a good idea, legal wise) four 1,000 watt halides will cost $256 every two months in British Columbia. That's a bit unwise, if your previous electric bill from BC Hydro(ponic) was $50 for two months.

  • European Cities Explore Harm Reduction

    What is the Frankfurt Resolution?

  • Cooking with Cannabis

    Cannabis Milk, Wake 'n' Bake cakes, Fantastic Pot Pasta.

  • Censorship in Canada: 462.2

    What is Bill C-7?

  • Dreams of a Hemp Based Community

    A prophet-bearded, wrinkled figure dressed in clothes made from hemp sometimes walks the streets of Guelph, Ontario. When he does, people take note.

  • Pot Pourri

    A compendium of useful cannabis information

  • Ten Weeks in South Africa

    South Africa first banned cannabis in 1911. Along with Egypt, it led the fight in the League of Nations to have it prohibited world-wide. South Africa's system of racial separation (apartheid) gained it general condemnation and sanctions. In April of this year South Africa held its first multi-racial elections, hopefully ushering in an era of peaceful change and further evolution. -Ed

  • Joe Strobel – Hemp Farmer

    In late 1993 farmer Joe Strobel and engineer Geof Kime, formed Hempline, Inc., and applied to the Canadian federal government for a license to grow industrial grade cannabis sativa. Until this point no Canadian farmer had grown hemp for fibre -legally or illegally- for several decades. This is Joe Strobel's description of how the application process went and the result of the planting. The following is an only slightly-edited speech by Tillsonburg farmer Joe Strobel to the Canadian Hemp Association Toronto seminar in early September 1994. -Ed

  • The Amazing phototron

    You've heard about it, you've seen it advertised, but is it as good as it's cracked up to be?

  • Hemp Seed Nutrition

    "Canaries won't sing without it."

  • Milestones Fall 1994

    Events in Cannabis History from September to November, 1994.

  • The Murder of Brother Daniel

    The Church of the Universe is a religious group centered in Ontario that considers cannabis to be the tree of life and therefore a sacrament. They are involved in a number of legal battles stemming from this belief. On July 17th, Brother Daniel Morgan, a member of the Church of the Universe, was found murdered in his home -Ed

  • From the Editor

    Words of Wisdom from the editor of Marijuana & Hemp.

  • Hemp Industries Association

    The Hemp Industries Association is a new trade organization devoted to maintaining the integrity of cannabis products and stopping fraudulent misrepresentation of hemp content.

  • The HempBC Story

    It's December 31st, 1994, and an incredible year for me at HEMP BC comes to an end. 1995 heralds a very ambitious program, but first, a reflection back...

  • The Diary of Mary Anne Roze

    The following manuscript was brought to us by Chris Roze, the son of author Mary Anne Roze. Mary's diary chronicles her experiences with Multiple Sclerosis and how she began to use cannabis as a medicine. The diary was only edited for space, but the text is completely the words of Mary Anne Roze. -Ed

  • The Cannabis Cup Review 1994

    The Cannabis Cup is an annual event sponsored by High Times and held in Amsterdam. Marc Emery went as the Canadian delegate, and this is his review of the proceedings.

  • An Analysis of Bill C-7

    An in-depth look at Canada's proposed new drug law. Taken entirely from the testimony received by the sub-committee which analyzed the bill.