The beliefs of the Church of the Universe

??? What follows is a profile of major
ideas of the Church of the Universe, compiled from a number of different
interviews given by the Reverends Tucker and Baldasaro.


on The Sacredness

of Marijuana

“Why is marijuana a sacrament?”

Reverend Tucker: “When I want to
calm my world, the immediate habitation of my soul, marijuana has a calming
influence. And when I want to direct my thoughts internally, it has the
ability to allow me to direct my thoughts where I want to without interference
from negative forces.

??? “It’s a matter of doing
it every day. It’s a matter of wearing the cloth. It’s a matter of eating
the seed. Its a matter of ingesting the Holy Weed into my chest, into my
body and allowing that spirit which is the plant spirit to combine with
my spirit in worship of our creator.

??? “It makes me feel as
though life is worth living. When I look around I know I have something
to do to make it better for my fellow brothers and sisters.”

“What about other plants and herbs?”

Reverend Tucker: “This is the most
sacred plant in the world, it’s the most user friendly plant you could
ever smoke.”

“As a member of a religion which holds marijuana to
be the sacred Tree of Life from Genesis, are you legally entitled to smoke

Reverend Tucker: “Who could say
to me ‘it’s okay to do it, Walter’, that I would pay any attention to it?
You seem to assume that I’m asking for someone’s permission to live my
life. I got that permission from God a long time ago. And no one can take
that away. Only God.”

“So you don’t believe that a person should fight for

Reverend Tucker: “I don’t believe
it’s illegal. That’s all smoke and mirrors. Bullshit. All you’re doing
is justifying the existence of a bunch of idiots [the government]who don’t
have the right to exist anyway except they live off your guts, your life.”

on The Holiness

of Nudity

“Why Nudity?”

Reverend Tucker: “What we believe
is that the two golden rules ? don’t hurt yourself, and don’t hurt
other human beings ? don’t create any negative aspects to the fact
that you are born nude. The idea of taking your clothes off is to show
that you are not guilty before God. You are willing to stand before God
exactly as he created you, without shame.

??? “So nudity has two
aspects. One, the health aspect of being in God’s creation with the golden
sun shining down upon you. The other is that when you see yourself nude
along with other human beings, you understand that you are one of God’s

“Do you think Jesus was a nudist?”

Reverend Tucker: “He was, under
his clothes. Look, he said it the way it is. I forgot where in the book
he said it but he said something like “into this world you’re brought naked
and from it naked you will go.”

Reverend Baldasaro: “Hey man, it’s
natural. You don’t hurt anybody by doing it and we want to do it on our
own ground, not in any middle class place. We want to be free.”

on Other Beliefs

“Do you consider yourself a Christian?”

Reverend Baldasaro: “I am not a
Christian. Neither was Jesus. I am a Universalist who believes that ‘God
is God’. Jesus was a Jew who found and suggested a new way.”

“Could you explain the significance of the number 69, and of the
nine-pointed star symbol prominent on so much church literature?”

Reverend Baldasaro: “The star of
David, ?6 of the woman’, and the star ?9 of the man’ is where
we are. The 6 and 9 together makes 8, which is the symbol of infinity and
of the river of life.

??? “The waters must flow.
Man and woman must create between them universal peace and love. God created
all under the sun, both good and evil. The woman and the man fill the positive
requirements of the creation”.

“What are the goals of the Church of the Universe?”

Reverend Tucker: “To have the whole
world be a space where you can create your own lifestyle and your own spirituality
within the same rules that we’re talking about in each one of our missions:
don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt anyone else. We’d like to see the whole
world love one another and share with one another in the good things that
they have.”

“Who is God?”

Reverend Tucker: “Everything. Everyone.
The judge, the Smoke, the Tree of Life. That’s why I don’t hate the policeman.
That’s why I don’t hate the judge.”