Webguy to worldwide – Recreation is Good Medicine

It’s time to relax. Doctors, your Mom, and other kind
folk will all tell you that
stress is unhealthy; it breaks down your immune system and makes you more
suceptable to disease. THC, it turns out, is an effective
stress relief agent. Since stress relief is
preventative medicine against stress-related illness, if you feel that
consuming cannabis lowers your stress level, then you have valid medical
reasons for doing so. So at least by this argument, if you smoke grass to relax, you are a medical
marijuana user. That’s nice to know in the changing climates of acceptance
we experience now in our culture.

I used to be a classic DARE kid; whenever illicit drugs like cannabis came
around, I’d parrot all the propaganda that I’d heard in my 13 years of schooling.
Peer pressure didn’t get through to my area of town for quite some time,
but eventually even my closest friends were amusing themselves in ways I had
forbidden unto myself. When the stories of fun and romance became too
much to ignore and let pass me by, I looked into the possibility of other
psychoactive substances making their way into my system.

A new world began to open, and I was introduced to a lot of new ideas,
substances, and people. There was the older woman from New Brunswick with some special grass
she called
indica, the 24 hour drive to San Diego with three newly befriended
olks of fancy, a riot in Vancouver where the police filled the air with a delightfully
stinging and desirable snuff they called “tear gas”, and more good times
(some forgotten). More importantly, I sought out some new reading material.
There were a few excellent newsgroups then like alt.drugs to slowly massage out some
stupidity, but what I found most interesting was a book from my father’s
collection, Martin’s “Criminal Code of Canada”. Inside I found that
what passed for the rules in this country were pretty silly, strict and intrusive.
There was a long list of chemicals and plants that we simply weren’t allowed
to have. There were rules about particular sexual games that couldn’t be
participated in should there be spectators. There were also rules about what
kind of literature could be passed around.

I had read Huxley’s “Brave New World” earlier that same summer. I didn’t like the way
November 11th stories of brave men fighting old wars
against book burning governments jibed with the idea that our laws look
similar to passages from classic totalitarian novels. I could see through
the wool.

A few weeks ago our government passed into law an act even more invasive
and meddlesome then the ones that came before. Also a few weeks ago, some Saskatoon
police pulled out Criminal Code section 462.2
and busted a record store for carrying the printed edition of this magazine.

I am always pleased to present the newest online edition of Cannabis
Canada, but I sardonically grin while beaming with pride over this issue; someone
tried to stop this from being read, and now it can be read worldnetwide. A
lot of work just paid off, as it pays off anytime someone reads a some of
our magazine.

When I was in school I didn’t know about hemp, and when I first heard
about it I condidered a hemp economy a far off but attainable goal. Now, a
few short years later, I’ve seen a hemp exposition in Vancouver sposored
by the Bank of Montreal and the Auto Worker’s Union. David Malmo-Levine
opened a storefront marijuana selling operation this spring. A few months
California voted to legitimize medical marijuana use. There’s been a few odd
laws passed lately, but I think we’re moving
things in the right direction. If you’re reading this, and reading the
magazine, then you’re helping. Sharing what you think with your friends,
parents, children, teachers, employees, government representatives, and bossmans helps too.

I’ve had to relieve a lot of personal stress to get this magazine
online, but every gram was worth it; this is another excellent issue.
Thanks again for reading Cannabis Canada.