While We Remember, Let’s End Another War, the War on Drugs

Today [November 11] we remember those who have been lost in war, and give thanks to those who served our country to protect our way of life. We do this to honour their sacrifice and bravery and not to glorify war. The loudest cries denouncing the horror, the waste and the stupidity of war have always come from the veterans themselves.

Now the soldiers of another war — the War on Drugs — are raising their voices in opposition to that conflict so foolishly being waged by politicians. Current and former police officers keep emerging to say that just like with other wars, the War on Drugs is producing millions of mostly young victims, causing terrible violence and is costing us billions.

Neill Franklin, a retired narcotics officer from Baltimore, Md. who now heads Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, told The Province editorial board yesterday that the criminalization of drugs — in B.C. the illegal, gang-run trade in pot — is the direct cause of most murders, the useless incarceration of non-violent people and, most key, just doesn’t work.

He supports Stop the Violence B.C., a coalition of law enforcement, health and academic experts who are lobbying politicians to legalize marijuana to reduce the gang violence that plagues our communities. Polls show that only 12 per cent of British Columbians support current marijuana laws. It’s time for politicians to listen to experts, hear from voters and show some courage.

– Article from The Province.