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There's something I don't understand about us humans. We can cure disease, explore outer space, access information from around the world in a split second and discover the God particle, and yet the best idea we have come up with to respond to crime and social harm is to lock people in cages.

The ostensibly named ‘Safe Streets and Communities Act’, The Conservatives’ Omnibus Crime Bill – C10, if passed, casts a very haunting shadow over the future of Canada and its youth. Almost every unpopular policy previously included in the Conservatives’ ‘tough-on-crime’ agenda has been lumped into Bill C10.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson touted the government's omnibus crime bill Monday morning, which is scheduled for a final vote in the House of Commons later in the day.

Members of Parliament debated the Conservatives' controversial omnibus crime bill Tuesday in what might be the last chance for opposition members to push for changes before bill C-10 becomes law.
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