Exciting Summer

It’s been an exciting summer
for Cannabis Canadians, and although we are now
living under the refreshed opression of the Controlled Drugs and Substances
Act, we can also celebrate many victories towards ending our government’s
war against us.

We begin this issue with an expanded collection of Milestones from around the world. Although the past months have been a mixed bag of setbacks and successes, there has been a great deal of worldwide discussion and debate about the issues of marijuana, hemp, and drug policy in general. These issues are coming into the public eye more and more often, and the numbers of those who realize that change is necessary are rapidly

Welcome to the Drug War

Canadians have seen a significant change take place in their nation’s drug policy, but unfortunately it is a change for the worse. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act was passed by the Senate and is now law in Canada, and so Cannabis Canadians must prepare ourselves for a new wave of harassment and abuse as the police incorporate the Act into their procedures. We offer you a warm
Welcome to the Drug

Despite the fact that the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act drastically increases police powers of search and seizure, as well an encouraging the police to actively sell drugs themselves, it has received almost no media attention during the 10 years it has been in development. David Malmo-Levine examines the media’s coverage of the bill, and explains how Yellow Journalism is alive and well in Canada, and responsible for a great deal of public ignorance and misinformation.

Swinging in Singapore

If Canadians do not become more aggressive in our pursuit of tolerance and freedom then we might one day find our own government executing drug offenders in the same way as many other countries do around the world. Matthew Elrod discusses the use of the death penalty for drug offences in the context of Canadian Ronald Wilson McCulloch, who was recently facing the possibility of a mandatory death sentence for trafficking in marijuana. Although McCulloch was ultimately sentenced to “only” nine years in prison, many native inhabitants find themselves
Swinging in Singapore for their involvement in marijuana or another banned

Some Cannabis Canadians who have been attacked by their government have refused to back down, and have taken their battle to the courts. On page 31 Sara F profiles Randy Caine, whose charge for a half gram of marijuana has led to both a massive constitutional challenge and his personal proprietorship of a hemporium and coffee shop. Despite a hostile city council, no business license, rumours that he’s been shut down, and the ongoing expense of the constitutional challenge, Randy has persevered in Keeping the Joint Open and fighting for his freedom.

We also profile four other Canadians who have put their freedom on the line and Cannabis in the Courts. Each of the four has been charged for violating a different aspect of cannabis prohibition, and so they cover the spectrum from industrial hemp, viable seeds, seedlings, and paraphernalia. For details of their unique circumstances and strategies, go to page 33.

Ignorance can sometimes grow and feed simply on the force of its own inertia, and when mixed with fear it can be a powerfully destructive force. The city council of Langford on Vancouver Island are both afraid and ignorant of cannabis hemp, and so in June they banned all aspects of the cannabis plant from within their city limits, just to stop a hemp store from opening up in their community. On page 39, Nicole Nicholson tells the story of how Big Brother, Small Town, can really mess things up.

Things have also been messed up for Regina native Grant Kreiger, who flew to Amsterdam to receive a prescription for marijuana to help his Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately, he spent two nights in a Dutch jail, and returned home empty handed, only to discover that his home had been raided by police in his absence. Dr Sumach fills us in on the Grant Kreiger story on page 41, and shows us how Life on Earth isn’t always what we want or expect it to be.

Cliffhanger in California

Medical marijuana is also a major issue in the State of California, where an initiative to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal use recently received enough signatures to be placed upon the state ballot for the fall elections. On page 43 Rose Ann Fuhrman tells the story of how the signature gatherers faced a
Cliffhanger in California, but rallied together in a last minute frenzy that pulled them well over the finish line.

Another medical marijuana user with a story to tell is Elvy Musikka, who is one of only eight Americans who currently receives legal medicinal marijuana from the US government. Elvy has severe glaucoma, but on page 46 she explains in an interview how she was Blinded by Ignorance, and went through unnecessary surgeries and medications until she discovered that marijuana allowed her to see. She took her government to court and forced them to provide it to her, and now she travels across the continent spreading the good news about marijuana’s healing effects.

Sasha Przytyk takes us on a tour of Hemp in Poland, introducing us to cannabis culture in Posnan and untangling the intricacies of hemp cultivar maintenance at Poland’s Institute of Natural Fibres. Sasha’s European hemp tour also swings through Hungary and Holland before heading home with some words of wisdom for the nascent Canadian hemp industry and a handy hint for getting through customs with ease.

Although Holland leads the world in practicing harm reduction policies and treating drug users with some respect, some Dutch police apparently took these concepts a bit too far. It was recently revealed that the Dutch Inter Regional Team police force had been smuggling marijuana and other drugs into the country in vast quantities. The resulting political confusion has led to a few changes in Dutch drug policy, and an impending shake-up of their entire police system. For more information on The IRT Affair, see our story by special Dutch correspondent Sander de Jong.

Grow guru Ed Rosenthal joins us from South of the border for a look at some new technologies that are literally shaking up the marijuana business. Instead of throwing away your leaves and shake, Ed explains on page 68 how a new breed of sophisticated sifters and strainers can help you extract more of the resinous glands and turn your Trash to Stash.

Our final article in this issue is the astonishing true story of a first time smuggling run that brought a ton of pot from Jamaica into Florida. Pilot Alan McTeer spins a tale with crashing thunderstorms, Jamaican police, a trigger happy American, heart-stopping action, and carefully flying fifty feet above the ocean in the dark of night. McTeer tells the amazing story of how he got There & Back

We conclude with some of the Pought Thots we’ve received over the past few months. Two reminders on the dangers of pigs, rants against inept politicians and a deceitful actor, and a note that we are an inspiration for some of our brothers and sisters in less liberated parts of the world. As always, we welcome all your feedback, comments, and thoughts about our magazine.

The fact the our government was able to pass a law that steps up the oppresion of Canadian marijuana smokers is a sad testament to the fact that we still have a great deal of work to do before we can live in peace. We must convince our elected oppressors that marijuana users are not their enemy, and that they should nobly lead our nation out of the dark ages of prohibition, instead of continuing to enforce archaic and brutal laws. The mindless persecution of marijuana users has been clearly shown to be destructive, counter-productive, and immoral.

We must find the strength to do what our government has not done, and force an end to the vicious war against us.

Larsen, editor

Dana Larsen, editor