Pought Thots – may/june96

<br /> Pought Thots. . .

Pought Thots. . .

The Finest Love and Care

I am 49 years of age, and I have been growing hemp for
over thirty years. At the age of sixteen I was the victim of a hit and run car accident
and have been a walking yet totally disabled person since then.

The medications used to relieve spinal injuries in those early years caused loss of both
hair and mind. A close friend of mine turned my attentions to grass, and since
that time I have used it as required, and I have lived a very productive and normal
life with little or no complaints. Aside from my wife, no-one knows that I grow and use this plant
for medical purposes.

Over the years I’ve only managed to grow seven crops that I can honestly say had a good quality stone.
This was due to using good seed varieties. I am proud that all plants received the finest love
and care possible.

Thank you Hemp BC.

In Solidarity

Oh my God Marc, I can’t believe those bastards did this to you, to us! Thank god for the internet,
I was told about it on a chatline and zipped over to your website. I have written to Hedy Fry,
and also to my MP Jay Hill, and the Province. Please try and keep your website updated with what I can do to help.
I hope every one of the 30% of BC adults who toke come forward to help. Take care of yourself, your family,
and your employees. I’ll be thinking of you constantly.

In solidarity,
Lynne Williams,
British Columbia

Freedom to Speak Out

Hemp Hemp Hooray for Umberto Iorfida, President of