Baking a Fool of Myself: Cannabis Conversion and Peanut Budder Cookies

CANNABIS CULTURE - Mmmmmm. Create your own gourmet ganja goodies with "Baking a Fool of Myself", the new cannabis cooking video series by pot pin-up girl Watermelon.

Hey Kids! Thanks for joining me here for new episodes of my show "Baking a Fool of Myself".

I wanted to take the mystery out of cooking with our favorite medicinal herb and also show the viewer some easy techniques to follow along to.

Gone are the days of large batches of butter and confusing ratios. Here, the novice baker can make a batch of 10 or 200 to suit their needs without wasting a drop. We know just how precious your medicine is to you and just how expensive it is too. We hope this will save you money and bring you love peace and happiness.

Medicine isn't always in the hands of a scientist in a lab coat, often it is in your backyard and your kitchen.

Cannabis Conversion

The hardest part of these recipes will be sourcing your favorite strain. Pay close attention to these shows on conversion. Once you understand this process you can apply it to any recipe you like, and with any fat or oil you like, not just butter.

Watch other cannabis conversion videos here and here.

Peanut Budder Cookies

We begin our recipes with the Peanut Budder Cookies. This is a great gluten free recipe for those with intolerance to more than just our government's current drug policy (but not okay for people with peanut allergies).

This recipe is so easy, you most likely have all the ingredients in your fridge right now. Join me and my real life Mom as we walk you through this awesome recipe.

Peanut Budder Cookies Recipe


12 grams *shake flour
1 egg
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp b. soda


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F
2. Combine all ingredients including *shake flour in bowl and mix thoroughly
3. Roll into small balls and press with fork to flatten slightly
4. Bake for approximately 12-15 minutes
5. Cool and serve

Stay tuned for more episodes of "Baking a Fool of Myself" on Cannabis Culture or visit the Baking a Fool of Myself website. It's what the world needs NOW!



I love Watermelon. She's smart, sexy and funny. Her moms' a hoot too. Great stuff!

You are so sexy! Will you

You are so sexy! Will you marry me

Awesome videos Watermelon!

Awesome videos Watermelon! Thanks for the easy to follow guides, I appreciate that time that you took to make them.

Awesome videos Watermelon!

Awesome videos Watermelon! Thanks for the easy to follow guides, I appreciate that time that you took to make them.

Self life

Loved your video my question is how long is the shelf life of the Brandy conversion?



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