The Kush Cup 2012 Results

CANNABIS CULTURE - We smoked bags and bags of fine marijuana strains at the first-annual Kush Cup in Vancouver last weekend. Some of Canada's finest growers competed for the custom glass award cups designed by Redbeard; CC has the winners and full strain lists!

See photos of all the strains in my galleries from The Kush Cup 2012.

The Kush Cup featured 15 entries from growers across Canada. Judges voted for their top three in order. Judges cards were tallied through a point system where first-place winners received 3 points, second-place winners 2 points and third-place winners 1 point. Cannabis Culture was offered access to voter cards to verify totals.

Without further ado, we present the winners of The Kush Cup and letters of all strains in order from most to least voted. Awards were given for the top 6 entries.

H - Chocolope - Rocky Mt. Kush
A - G13 - Remo
G - Afghani Bullrider - Jef Tek
B - Congolese - Healing Tree
S - Black Water Kush - Remo
R - Blue Cheese
C - Real OG
F - Texada Time Kush
X - OG Kush
E - Tru Blue
Z - Bubba Kush
Q - Exodus
Y - Grapefruit
P - Cookie Kush
D - Super Kush

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