Marc Emery Prison Blog: The Origins of Pot TV in 2000

Hemp BC, our original retail store that opened on July 2nd, 1994 at 324 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, launched the first cannabis website in the world on September 30th, 1994. The World Wide Web had gone live in August of 1994, and now web sites could actually be created and put "online". In fact, our launch party for Hemp BC was shared at a location where our Hemp BC site was 'launched' in tandem with, Canada's largest national TV and Radio network.

Witness to History: Me and Dennis Peron, Getting Raided, and Proposition 215

This is a story about how I was with Dennis Peron at a pivotal moment in the 1996 campaign for proposition 215 in California, even though Dennis was actually in Vancouver. He had been invited up to participate with me in a protest and commemoration of an anti-pot police brutality incident that had happened twenty-five years earlier.

Marc Emery Prison Blog: How I Began My Plan to Overgrow the Government

CANNABIS CULTURE - Since the 20th anniversary of my activism in British Columbia is approaching on April 11th, I thought I would write a series of blogs about my early years, when there was no movement, no legal medical marijuana anywhere, books and magazines about cannabis were banned in Canada – in essence, there was nothing. Over the next few months I'll tell you about great moments in my life where I contributed to the marijuana movement and helped changed several laws.

Marc Emery's "Happy New Year" Prison Blog: Looking Forward to Freedom

Marc Emery and Jodie Emery It's a big year ahead in Colorado, Washington state, Uruguay, and for me here in Mississippi. As of today, Wednesday January 1st, retail stores and licensed pot growers commence legalized business transactions. Each resident of Colorado can grow up to six plants at home already. Tourists can buy and consume.

Marc Emery Prison Blog: Harper Conservatives Harming Children

Marc Jodie February 2013So my transfer application to serve the remainder of my sentence in Canada is dead, I figure.

Despite getting approval from the U.S. Department of Justice and having the endorsement of my prosecutor, the judge who sentenced me, and Corrections Services Canada, the Conservative Minister of Public Safety Stephen Blaney isn't signing on.

Marc Emery Prison Blog: Abandoned by the Canadian Conservative Government?

Marc and Jodie, March 2013My wife Jodie went to Canada's Parliament in Ottawa on Tuesday, October 29th to hold a press conference alongside three Members of Parliament, asking Public Safety Minister Stephen Bl

Prison Blog: Still Waiting for Canada to Approve Transfer

Marc and Jodie, March 2013Today is October 16th. I'm pleased to say that last September was my final one in captivity. I'd also like to think that was my last summer I'll spend in captivity, but I'm getting increasingly skeptical about the Canadian government approving my treaty transfer back to Canada.

Marc Emery on the Mississauga Free Marc Protest March

CANNABIS CULTURE - I would like to thank members of the Mississauga South NDP riding association for putting on a march and rally Sunday (September 29, 2013) calling on the Conservative government of Stephen Harper to immediately approve my repatriation back to Canada and into the Canadian corrections system for the remainder of my sentence.






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