Olivia Chow Inhaled Cannabis

No real shocking news, but CBC is reporting established Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow inhaled cannabis. Her journey included some minor experimenting with marihuana, but she stresses she preferred camping, hiking and biking to buds. A cannabis enthusiasts will tell you - all these activities go great with ganja!

TMZ132 - Defend Uruguay From UN Meddling

We called it last week on The Mernahuana Zone, the world body known as the United Nations is up in arms about Uruguay legalizing marihuana. Uruguay’s popular president Jose Mujica accused the UN of double standards for singling out the Latin nation and not Washington and Colorado.

Expert Says Marijuana Strain Names Are Meaningful

A foremost cannabis expert, who held a federal government exemption to grow any kind of cannabis he wanted, claims marihuana strain names are meaningful.

Did MP Peter MacKay Fail Law School?

Seriously you have to wonder if MP Peter MacKay graduated law school after the stupid comment he made regarding Cpl Ronald Francis - the marijuana medicating RCMP officer.

TorStar Needs Toking Editor Not Token Columnist

When it comes to pot reporting Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno finds funny ways to get her knickers in a knot. Her latest screed, Marijuana beat shows the papers are going to pot, lacks substance and takes an entrenched uninformed position.

How To Write A Weed Review

You might think I wouldn’t want to give away secrets to writing a marijuana review, but the opposite is true. Enthusiasts can get more from their marijuana regardless if they are interested in reviewing cannabis or not. That’s because a reviewer will take their time to enjoy their toke. They share their opinions with friends and encourage others to become enthusiasts too.

TMZ Recap - Puffing Strong And Puffing Loud

Outside of smoking a large amount of cannabis, there wasn’t much of a plan before The Mernahuana Zone. There were no videos, no segments, no news, nothing planned at all. My only plan was to get blazed, but that is known to help my creativity and we pulled it off.

We beat MP Rob Nicholson in his own backyard and as Compton predicted last week, November is my Wrestlemania month.

Keep Up With Mernagh With An App

I’m constantly creating cannabis culture since opening an office in Pimp Pot Palace. It was a challenge to get my creative on in the kitchen, but now with a space to create I am fired up. I’ve already begun writing a follow up for Green Candy Press and have been blogging up a storm.

TMZ Webcast - No Rob Ford Talk Edition

It has been decreed the ongoing Ford Family drama will not be spoken - at all - during Tuesday’s edition of The Mernahuana Zone on Pot TV. The new reality series being taped for Netflix is getting overplayed, especially by Tuesday, that we will not be uttering a Fordian word. Find out what the punishment will be Tuesday 720-1020pm EST or 420-720 pdt.

There’s plenty of national and international political news to cover.






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