Toronto Cannabis History Tour or The Cannabus Syllabus

It’s not as bad as the dark ages, but prohibition has had a huge effect on wiping out cannabis culture history. Until the internet most cannabis knowledge was passed directly to one another during a session or possibly read in a magazine. Prohibition creates a perfect storm for lost knowledge and losing our history prevents us from understanding our past. It also helps us avoid repeated mistakes and creates a solid foundation for our movement.

RECAP TMZ 190 Is On The Best Of List

Viewers were left debating ‘n’ dabbing about whether they had just watched the best ever webisode of The Mernahuana Zone. Many declared TMZ 190 Examines Medical Marijuana in Montreal & LA to be new favorite.

TMZ is setting the bar high in 2015!

A post show debate among people in the chatroom showed a common theme of what their favorite webcasts are - great interviews, audience interaction and news and quirky videos.   

TMZ 189 RECAP Zaniness Zombies Doobies

Everything was humming along for The Mernahuana Zone’s third week of 2015 webisode. The team did a fab job eliminating winter doldrums with zaniness, zombies and doobies.  

Recap TMZ 188 Naked Mernagh Marvina Interview

TMZ 188 was a very stoney dabtastic affair with host Matt Mernagh glazed over at times. They had an Errlectric dab unit to dab some great shatter from Hamilton Dave and it appeared to do the dynamic duo in.

Mernagh flubbed a question during their Marvina interview by asking Smash “What was I going to ask next?” She hangs him out to dry with a look of surprize. Other than this blown spot due to stoniness, the interview with San Francisco assorted box cannabis delivery service Marvina went fantastic.

Why I Went Naked For Toronto Alt Weekly NOW

It didn’t take me long to reply to Toronto alt weekly NOW editor’s email about getting naked in their Love Your Body Issue (Thursday Jan. 8). I thought it’d be a great and checked with two friends to confirm before hitting reply.  

The experience was extremely positive and the published results speak for themselves - we all look fantastic!   

Going into it I knew their goal was to create a diverse group of people who didn’t fit typical mainstream media mold of what beauty is.

The Mernahuana Zone Recap For The Year Ahead Looks Legal

Brand new for 2015 is The Mernahuana Zone is recap - where we flashback on what happened during the weekly weedy webcast from Vapor Central. The webcast is available as an iTunes or SoundCloud podcast or you may watch a replay YouTube or Livestream.

TMZ is building a large iTunes and SoundCloud following.

The Mernahuana Zone Thanks You For An Awesome 2014 Season

The Mernahuana Zone has been on point this year with interviews and stoner high jinx in 201. Thanks to everyone who has made our weekly webcast amazeballs and especially our viewers. More potheads are tuning in live and toking along or watching the replay on YouTube or downloading our webcast via iTunes.

After last nights best of (Tuesday December 30) I realized how much professional fun we have been having. Almost every week we are raising the bar over the last!

US Pot Legalization Increases Canadian Weed Writer Book Sales

Canadian weed writer and legalization advocate Matt Mernagh is benefitting greatly from three US states voting to legalize marijuana. Weed’s technically not legal yet in District of Columbia, Oregon and Alaska, but Mernagh has already seen a notable increase in online sales for his Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook since Tuesday November 4 US marijuana midterm elections.

US Marijuana Midterm Madness Marijuana Legalization Goes 3 For 4

CANNABIS CULTURE - The weed world was watching Tuesday November 4 and stoners stateside didn’t disappoint. Delivering a 3 for 4 night in the 2014 midterm election marijuana vote.  In case you missed it - the USA has gone to pot - with District of Columbia, Oregon and Alaska voting to legalize marijuana and Florida was a near miss.






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