NeverGetBusted LIVE was a Hit!

The debut of "NeverGetBusted Live!" with Barry and Candi went very well. We were slammed with calls. I'm very sorry if you tried calling and weren't able to get through. I'm going to start answering questions much faster so we can support more callers in future.

NeverGetBusted Live Show with Barry and Candi

The brand new "NeverGetBusted Live Show with Barry and Candi" will video stream live from and on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 from 7pm - 9pm Central (5pm - 7pm Pacific).

K-9 False Alerts

Four years ago, my first film, NeverGetBusted Volume 1: Traffic Stops, blew the whistle on police dogs false alerting.

NeverGetBusted Tips - Videotaping The Police

With the imminent release of my new BarryCam, I've been receiving a lot of questions regarding videotaping the police and others.

NeverGetBusted Over The Holidaze

To ensure you stay safe during the holidaze, I'll post some NeverGetBusted Tips to refresh your memory and to keep you alert.

BarryCams: One of My Dreams Has Finally Come True!

For a long time I wanted to offer a video camera for citizens to record their police encounters and then upload the video to my website for expert analysis and review of the incident. It's like having me as a passenger every time you are pulled over by the kops. You can imagine how excited I am to announce my new high-quality and very affordable BarryCams car video cameras!

Charges in Texas Ranger KopBuster Case Dropped

The charges the Texas Rangers filed on Candi, my detective and me have been dropped.

NeverGetBusted Sues The Kops For 40 Million

We are doing fantastic and really appreciate everyone's support through the very difficult time our family just experienced.

Candi Arrested By Rangers For Odessa KopBuster Sting

Candi was arrested (and released) by the Texas Rangers for a misdemeanor, False Report To Peace Officer, stemming from the KopBuster sting in Odessa, Texas that successfully freed Yolanda Madden from prison. We performed the sting one year and seven months ago.






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