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Toronto Hash Mob intend to smoke out Yonge and Dundas Square, Tuesday, July 3rd starting at 8pm. City Cinema, a screening of outdoor movies in the heart of Toronto, is premiering cannabis classic Dazed and Confused as part of their ode to subcultures. Clearly marijuana enthusiasts - who gather annually at Y&D Square Apr. 20 to protest marijuana prohibition by puffing down - are the intended market for a movie that is filled with ‘70s reefer references.

Toking strains, rolling joints, ripping cannabis champion RooR bong, we turn it up to pothead professional levels Tuesday on The Mernahuana Show. How much further into ganja gonzo can we grow while we wait for Ontario Court of Appeal to strike down the weed laws? This week Fear and Loathing, Where the Buffalo Roam, and special guest appearances by Lt. Worf from Deep Space Nine. Strain Hunter Franco gives Mernahuana props and we learn about Kannabia Seed Company.

MTV is expected to be filming a 420 segment today March 29 at Vapor Central starting at 3 p.m. The Mernahuana Show which airs from 420 est to 420 pst, may start early. Depending on whether the producer allows me to webcast them filming us. Keep your joints crossed! Regardless this is possibly the most important show we’re going to do.