Can Cannabis Contribute to Improving Women’s Sex Lives?

For years, Kinleigh Stewart thought she was asexual. On the rare occasion the 27-year-old from Sarnia, Ont., had sex, she mostly felt anxious – a fact she attributes to early traumatic experiences related to sex – and preoccupied. “I’d think about what groceries I had to buy, if I needed to vacuum. I hated it … It put me in a crippling position,” she said. In the past year, however, Stewart has discovered that she can enjoy sex. It’s just that, in order to do so, she has to be high.

A pot smoker since adolescence, Stewart and a former boyfriend decided to try smoking up before sex. Suddenly, she could climax, something she’d previously been unable to achieve with another person. Being high seemed to heighten her senses, which made her more aroused. Further, connecting with her sexuality and what turns her on made Stewart realize she may not be straight. “Now that I can get into [sex], and like it, I think I like women,” she said.

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