Smoking Weed Legally Could Still Get You Fired

Weed legalization in Canada is going to have a profound effect on the workplace and will likely lead to lawsuits over dismissals, experts tell VICE.

Eric Madore was relieved. The 28-year-old Collingwood, Ontario resident had finally landed a job that was manageable given his many health issues, including severe liver disease. But he’d only been working a day as a school bus driver when he said he was fired over his choice of medication.

Madore is a medical cannabis user—licensed under Health Canada. He suffers from an autoimmune disorder that has resulted in primary sclerosing cholangitis, a chronic liver disease for which he’s had two liver transplants. He has had his colon removed. Madore uses cannabis to help with pain and stomach issues as well as anxiety and depression.

“For my mental issues, it calms me down, it relaxes me,” Madore told VICE.

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