Devils Lettuce: Inside the World’s First Pro Skater–Run Legal Weed Company

How metal-loving skateboarders Jerry Gurney, Chris Gregson and Co. are revolutionizing the game.

Blood Wizard skate team pro Jerry Gurney used to pass his time in Yuba City, California, with a not-so-typical routine. “I wake up, take a nice long piss, get real tweaked out on coffee, and then spend the day trimming weed,” he says, looking back.

When he wasn’t out skating for glory with his Blood Wizard brethren, Gurney earned his keep by spending long hours each day hunched over a table with scissors in one hand and marijuana in the other. His work was tedious, but it paid well. “I’m out there hustling and getting that money,” says the charismatic skater, who is known not only for his gnarly tricks but also his passionate heavy-metal proselytizing and spot-on King Diamond shrieks. Weed trimmers can make anywhere between $100 and $500 cash each day, depending on the speed of their handiwork — and Gurney is a self-proclaimed world-class trimmer. But a recent and fortuitous run-in with 707 Holdings, Corp. founder Kyle Walton has brought an end to Gurney’s blue-collar days of manicuring ganja. In fact, nearly overnight, Gurney’s job title jumped from weed trimmer on a pot farm to CEO of a visionary corporation on the forefront of the legal marijuana business.

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