How the Cannabis Industry Became America’s Hotbed of Invention

America is a great and dynamic nation, fueled by an entrepreneurial nature and inventive spirit that has given rise to bold new industries, created fortunes, and changed the world’s business landscape. Visionaries imagined a future filled with skyscrapers built with steel and ingenuity, automobiles and airplanes that provided the means to bridge cultures and expand horizons, and computers that brought the power to process millions of bits of information to the masses.

From early industrialists and inventors like Edison, Ford and Rockefeller, to recent marvels like Gates, Jobs, and Musk, America has been the incubator for ideas and industries that have changed the world.

Today, some of the most interesting innovation is happening in an industry that is in transition unlike anything this country has seen in decades. The cannabis industry has rapidly evolved from an illicit market to one of the most highly regulated sectors in America.

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