You Can Now Buy Marijuana-Infused Pizza (Massachusetts)

A Massachusetts-based medical marijuana dispensary that specializes in flavorful edibles will now serve up weed-infused pizzas.

Ermont Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary located in Quincy, Mass., sells cannabis-infused personal pizzas in the style of the small, thin crust pies that are popular throughout the local bar scene.

At $38, the 6-inch cheese pizza carries 125 milligrams of THC in its tomato sauce, a medium-size dosage of marijuana, according to the dispensary’s operations manager Seth Yaffe. He describes the pie, baked to serve one person, as “herby, with gooey, crispy cheese” that spreads to the edge of the crust.

Yaffe says several of the dispensary’s patients began requesting more savory edible options to avoid the sugar that fills typical marijuana edibles like candy bars and fruit chews.

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