Ebony Costain is Changing the Way You Buy Cannabis

While the marijuana legalization battle continues to brew in Federal courts, innovative cannabis startups have begun to crop up.

From cannabis-infused household products to mac ‘n cheese, cannabis seems to be everywhere. Well, almost. It is only legal for people over the age of 21 in a handful of states like Colorado and Maine. States like these have become breeding grounds for cannabis entrepreneurs racing to become a leader in the new, burgeoning industry. However, less than 5% of blacks are cannabis business owners, compared to 80% of whites.

Ebony Costain, Founder and CEO of BDTNDR, saw another big problem. Budtenders, the individual who serves customers at cannabis distributors, need help. There are too many brands, and not enough education about the products. Many people still wander into cannabis shops looking to “try” new things, and rely heavily on the budtender’s expertise. Ebony developed an idea to be the bridge between the brands, and the budtender. After being selected to participate in CanopyBoulder, a highly competitive cannabis accelerator in Colorado, Ebony’s vision came to life in 2017.

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