Everything you Need to Know About Newfoundland’s Legal Weed Plans

Doesn’t look like there will be too much room for the little b’ys.

Just as the long Canadian winter now edges towards its terminus, so too can we see the first furtive signs of the country’s creeping cannabis spring. The thaw will come across the land in uneven patches thanks to Justin Trudeau downloading all the regulatory work to our varyingly dysfunctional provincial governments. And based on the Request For Proposals put out by the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation this week to prospective cannabis retailers, the cannabis industry in this province certainly risks coming out half-baked.

The recreational cannabis regime in Newfoundland and Labrador has been left predominantly to private sector retailers. (Consumers in particularly far-flung areas will likely be able to buy mail-order from an NLC online store.) In this initial phase of legalization, the NLC intends to give out 41 licenses, on average one per postal code—except for a few places like the Southern Shore or A0K across the Strait of Belle Isle. In the St. John’s metro region, there will be at least seven stores—and only one in the already head-shop heavy downtown core.

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