Locals, Activists Endorse Mary Jean Dunsdon For Vancouver City Council

CANNABIS CULTURE – Jodie Emery is among those endorsing Mary Jean “Watermelon” Dunsdon for a seat on Vancouver’s city council ahead of the October 14 by-election.

“Watermelon has been a long-time advocate for cannabis, personal freedom and more social issues, and was one of the first cannabis activists I encountered when I began my own activism journey in 2004,” says Emery.

“She’s a passionate, intelligent, inspiring person with years of business experience and true love for the community – that’s why I endorse Mary Jean Dunsdon “Watermelon” for Vancouver City Council! She’s the perfect candidate to bring a fresh voice to City Hall, and I hope our cannabis community will rally together to help her win a seat on Saturday!”

Dunsdon is a small-business owner, cannabis advocate, and one of nine individuals running for a seat on city council in this by-election.

“She’s a great candidate and I’ve been honoured to be her campaign manger on this,” says Sensible Vancouver president Dana Larsen. “I like that she’s talking about things that other candidates aren’t – and that includes cannabis dispensaries.”

In addition to supporting an increase in harm-reduction programs, an overhaul to the city’s current dispensary regulations, and an end to the vaping ban, Dunsdon works with the  Vancouver Overdose Prevention Society, an organization which provides free cannabis to individuals as an option to opiates.

In an October 4 article, Sarah Blyth told Cannabis Culture that she is endorsing Dunsdon, “because she understands that the root problem here is prohibition and the war on drugs. She will fight for the rights of drug users. She’s not going to let the bureaucracy or the system stop her from doing the right thing.”

“Mary Jean would be an awesome councillor with her knowledge of Vancouver’s business issues and the issues of marginalized people in Vancouver,” says Neil Magnuson of Vancouver’s Cannabis Substitution Project.

Local lawyer Kirk Tousaw has also tweeted his support for the long-time community activist.

Dunsdon is also an advocate for more access to transportation – including a free public transit system, an increase in the number of taxi licenses, and an overturn of Vancouver’s ban on riding sharing. Dunsdon would also like to see changes in Vancouver’s current housing situation, supporting an increase in public housing, renters’ rights, and an end to homelessness.

Vancouverites go to the polls tomorrow (October 14) from 8AM to 8PM.

Find a full list of polling stations here.

Miranda Nelson

Miranda Nelson is a writer and editor based in Vancouver, B.C.