Boutique Cannabis: ‘Not Your Older Brother’s Weed Shop’

Customers on a clean, airy Studio City sales floor browse shelves lined with cannabis-infused lotions, bath salts, protein bars, pet treatments and, of course, a variety of flowers.

A uniformed 30-something staffer at Buds & Roses cleaned a smudge from the glass, while another talked a customer through the how-to’s of vaping. Outside, a valet fetched cars.

“It’s definitely not your big brother’s weed shop anymore,” said Cynthia Erland, a medical marijuana patient and cannabis marketing consultant. “In the last two to three years, the cannabis retail experience has become more high-end.”

About 10 years ago, the Buds & Roses medical marijuana dispensary moved into the Los Angeles neighborhood, where trendy bakeries and popular boutiques line a busy strip of Ventura Boulevard.

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