We Shouldn’t Tolerate Another Year of Pot Arrests

Last Saturday marked not only the country’s 150th birthday but also the final one-year countdown to the official legalization of marijuana.

Interestingly, while Canada must wait until July 1st of next year, July 1st of 2017 saw the first legal sales of marijuana in the state of Nevada. And while July 1st, 2018 will represent almost three years since the election of the Trudeau Liberals, the state of Nevada voted to legalize marijuana only eight months ago.

That would appear to demonstrate that this entire process need not take as long as it has, and in the meantime there are real consequences of the odd legal grey zone we’ve created in the meantime. And for as much as the Liberals have taken their time on this, there are others who believe that the pace is still too quick, that we still have much to sort out before July of next year.

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