Are ‘Budtenders’ and Cannabis Cocktails the Next Central Coast Wedding Trend?

Getting hitched might look and feel a little different if a blossoming industry manages to break into the happily-ever-after business: We’re talking weed at weddings.

Picture secluded smoking tents filled with cushions and faux-fur rugs, where adult guests can enjoy a toke with new friends, or a knowledgeable “budtender” offering cannabis-infused sparkling water or flights of glass pipes with samples of local marijuana strains alongside the traditional bartender.

“Lots of people prefer to enjoy cannabis instead of alcohol. It has a similar inhibition-reducing effect and makes you groovier on the dance floor without the hangover of alcohol,” said Megan Souza of Megan’s Organic Market, a local commercial cannabis cultivator and retail delivery service based in Los Osos.

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