How Six Senators Are Leading Fight for Federally Legal Weed

A group of ideologically diverse senators introduced legislation to oppose Jeff Sessions’ renewed war on pot – but that’s just the beginning.

The United States Senate is an intentionally slow moving body when it comes to passing laws, but the nation’s upper legislative chamber is even slower when it comes to catching up with the popular will of the American people. That’s especially been on display when it comes to the nation’s pot laws, but now there’s a growing core group of senators who are vocally crying out for the federal government to catch up with the states, at least when it comes to medical marijuana.

Usually House members take the lead on marijuana policy, but last week a bipartisan and ideologically diverse group of six senators introduced legislation that would allow the laws legalizing medical marijuana in 29 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam to supersede the current federal prohibition on weed. It also would make it easier for epilepsy patients and veterans to access medical marijuana, while loosening restriction on researching weed. The proponents think they’ll gain more support than ever before for the effort, and they hope to keep pressure on Senate leaders to allow the bill to come to the floor.

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