Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson Might be the Most Interesting Man in the (Weed) World

We talk to the cannabis king about macro photography, joining the entrepreneur game and his serious social media following.

People ask Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson every single day if and how they should get into the cannabis business. It’s a burgeoning sector—Richardson would tell you it’s been burgeoning for decades—and everybody and their most entrepreneurial auntie currently wants a piece of it, a piece of what Richardson’s already got.

Bubbleman has been around the industry for some time, over twenty years in fact. As to what he’s been up to, he has three bios typed up and ready to go, should you care to read them—one is a paragraph long, one is several paragraphs long, and the other is just over a page, depending on how much time you’ve got. But none of them really hit on everything the man does and has done for the cannabis industry in Canada and worldwide.

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