It’s Nearly Impossible to Test for Weed in DUI Cases

The latest episode of ‘Weediquette’ looks at the issues facing law enforcement and impaired driving.

While cannabis is still stigmatized in parts of the United States, its use has generally become less taboo. Despite our current administration’s inaccurate claims about marijuana in relation to the opioid crisis, it seems that Americans are moving toward legalization on a national level.

But the nationwide increase in cannabis use has also resulted in more stoners behind the wheel. Traffic fatalities are the highest they’ve been in 50 years, and even though there are reportedly fewer drunk drivers on the road, law enforcement believes that other forms of impairment are negatively affecting drivers. There isn’t enough evidence to validate this theory in its entirety, but police have reason to be skeptical. How can law enforcement officials prove that a driver is under the influence of cannabis while behind the wheel? At the moment, they can’t.

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