Your 4/20 Guide to the Best Weed on TV

If you’ve hit the bong too hard and find yourself glued to the sofa, try these TV shows, which frame comedy and drama through a purple haze.

Forget Ash Wednesday. Today, April 20, is Hash Thursday – aka 4/20, an annual celebration of marijuana that originated in the US but is now observed, in various ways, around the globe. The historical origins of 4/20 may forever be lost in a thick, befuddling fug of weed smoke but, like cannabis use itself, it has been slowly advancing into the mainstream. Until relatively recently, the appearance of a joint in a TV drama or comedy was often followed by some serious scolding, a lingering byproduct of the reefer madness era – but in 2017, smoking pot is increasingly seen as an everyday part of culture. Here are some of the TV shows that were both ahead of the curve in embracing marijuana, and that you don’t need to be under the influence to enjoy.

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