Melissa Etheridge: ‘I’d Much Rather Have a Smoke With My Grown Kids Than a Drink’

Melissa Etheridge is best known as a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, but lately she’s been making a name for herself as a fierce cannabis advocate. The mother of four has been smoking marijuana recreationally since she was 21 but didn’t learn of its medicinal benefits until years later when she was battling cancer. She’s been a proponent of the herb ever since.

“It seems that our society is kind of having a crisis of technology, a crisis in our belief in our own health, and that something outside of it is going to make us better,” Etheridge, 55, tells Yahoo as part of our special report, “Weed & the American Family.”

In 2004, Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer, and over the next year, she underwent a lumpectomy plus five rounds of chemo and radiation. It was then that she discovered cannabis as a medicinal aid thanks to singer and close friend David Crosby.

“I asked many of my friends [who had gone through chemo], ‘What’s the experience? What are you doing?’ And my friend David Crosby, he was the first one who said, ‘You know, Melissa, you have to do medicinal marijuana. You have to [try]cannabis. That’s the way to do it. It’s too hard otherwise,’” Etheridge recalls. Doctors initially tried to prescribe for her a steroid, a pain reliever — in total about “five, six pharmaceuticals” — but she declined.

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