Could CBD-Infused Lifestyle Products be the Next Big Cannabis Marketplace?

In the heart of Texas, during the country’s largest entertainment festival, there were vendors selling cannabis. Now, this wasn’t cannabis as typically rendered—they weren’t selling bud or common forms of the plants you’d see from retailers in states with legalized marijuana. Instead they were selling hemp-derived CBD products.

That’s because in the state of Texas if cannabidiol is derived from a legal industrial hemp plant, it isn’t subject to state regulations established by the Texas Compassionate Use Act. Instead, hemp-derived CBD is considered an essential oil, in the same family as lavender or peppermint, and can be sold legally.

“Industrial hemp products are safe, legal and can be purchased on-line or on the shelves of hundreds of retail locations in Texas,” Coleman Hemphill, executive director of the Texas Hemp Industries Association, told PR Newswire. “Thousands of Texans have purchased and benefited from the use of industrial hemp products such as hemp hearts, protein, milk, cosmetics, and CBD oil.”

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