New Canadian Online Dispensary Features Triple Lab-Tested Products Showing Amount of THC, CBD, & CBN Each Product Contains

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Cannabis Care Online Dispensary has been generating and enjoying buzz as one of Canada’s best online dispensaries. But more than just a place to buy weed online in Canada, it offers a wide variety of triple lab-tested cannabis products, THC products, and CBD products.

These include lab tested MMJ strains (including the famous OG Kush!), hash oil, edibles, and more.

“Our lab-testing of popular strains is starting to make waves in the online cannabis marketplace. People have heard about these strains for so long, and now they can see how much THC, CBD, and CBN are in them. As far as we know, we are the only online dispensary who tests products to the extent we do.”

Cannabis Care also focuses on making the online cannabis ordering experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

“Our website at loads extremely fast. We have the lab reports right there on the product pages. We’ve got a simple and secure ordering process. And we’ve got a dedicated customer service agent available for to chat with on the site, answer any question, and help our customers with anything they need. Customers tell us they are impressed with how well it all comes together.”

Orders are shipped securely, safely, and discreetly via mail, include a tracking number and shipping is free on all orders over $100. Orders are packed and shipped with the utmost in privacy and care.

“We ship in vacuum-sealed packaging, completely discreetly, with our products safely protected during shipping. Customer orders arrive quickly, customers love that they can track the order, and most take advantage of the free shipping offered over $100.”

Most customers have a few questions or concerns at first, but after one order it becomes very clear what to expect – and just how convenient it all is.

“People most often have questions about shipping or payment before they order. And some are looking for strain recommendations. But after an order or two everything is clear, and they realize just how convenient and awesome it is to be able to get their therapeutic cannabis without having to leave their homes and be known at a local dispensary, or worse yet, to buy from a dealer.”

Future plans include expanding the product line to include topicals, capsules, and even CBD edibles for pets. And as always, there’s the ongoing process of constantly making everything better, which includes rewarding customers.

“We’re looking forward to expanding our line, and also to launching a customer rewards program that we’ve been working on for some time. We’re going to be able to reward customers for loyalty, for referring us to friends, for reviewing us, and for all sorts of other things. We’re stoked about it and we’re sure our customers will be too.”

Anyone who reads this article is welcome to direct any questions to Cannabis Care customer support, available for chat on the Cannabis Care website at

“We invite anyone to visit us at, get your questions answered, and get to know why we’re getting a reputation as one of Canada’s best online dispensaries!” offers a variety of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains, concentrates, and edibles to Canadian customers only. All customers must be over 19 to order. Free Shipping on all orders over $100.