Liberal-Lies: Pot Tsars, Profit Shares and Project Gator’s Death Roll

Young voters resurrected the Liberal Party during the last election and part of the deal was marijuana legalization. Yet today, nearly 18 months later, two of the loudest anti-prohibition advocates, Marc & Jodie Emery, are facing a possible life sentence…for allegedly selling marijuana.
Trudeau and Jodie Emery in the lead-up to election December 15, 2014 (photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer)
Marijuana is the gateway to multiple IPO’s, share values, private messaging and significant financial leverage that would take a very jolly green giant to flip over.
Powerful, well-financed and influential Canadians, many with ties to the governing regime, want to grow dope. They see the rainbow of profit shares and understand that if pressure is applied to the right joints, they can control a billion-dollar market. But they need their government to crush all competition. And they need big media to keep pushing the “illegal dispensary/Organized Crime” headlines under the public’s collective nose. 
They can’t let these hippies give it away cheap, nor can people be allowed to grow it on their own. This opportunity needs to have a patent number attached.

Early last week, the marijuana stock market took a hit. Investors were lacking in confidence as dispensaries were popping up in every city of this great land. They had been told this market would be controlled, but the promises from their political servants weren’t playing out in the streets. They needed a crackdown to show who’s in power.
Enter Operation Gator. Attack Cannabis Culture, imprison the Emerys…and the next day the stock prices rebounded.
WEED is right up there at $10.86 a share for a market cap of well over a billion dollars with Chuck Rifici of the Liberal Party, Tom Shipley ex-Health Canada and Mark Zekulin who certainly knows something about finance, putting in their time at the company water cooler. At $400 million WEED may have been Fat Freddy burned on a bag of dank bud with Mettrum but that’s okay – they can grow more.
If you were a Premier of British Columbia then you may have heard of pot and like Mike Harcourt, plop yourself down in a Robert Crumb style chair and think about the True Leaf Medicine at 23 cents a share for a market capital of $13 million.
A Solicitor General, ex-police chief or Cabinet Minister sailing in the sea of green province can enjoy the National Green THC at 76 cents a share with a bong hit market capital of 64 million. That’s a lot of Kash and Herb: i.e. Heed, Derry and Dhaliwal. Man, and if you could be a Deputy Premier in a place where good things grow, then a smart man like George Smitherman can roll up some THC Biomed shares too.
 If you know about Joint crime and drug enforcement, then perhaps you might want to keep everything for yourself. Tim Humberstone directing ABCann at $2.39 a share and a modest market capital of $11 million should do well in inspiring traffic in that company and getting rid of all those high-pressure bulbs in a modern move to LED.
Sandy Pratt continues handling the books at Emerald Health at $1.32 a share, a market capital of $79 million. Sandy is right on when it comes to paying attention to Senate Commissions.
If you can report to the Treasury Board then you could take a stake in Canadian Cannabis Corporation at 44 cents a share and $13 million market capital Shane Morris has quite a vice-presidential treasure.
A private company needs a private spook – hence Jake Ryan. As another former invisible Red Hat sampling marijuana stocks and providing security is his first thought. Health Canada’s first thought was to hand over a permit for them to pump out cannabis oil by the barrel. Market capital – invisible. Guess. IPO on the way?
I guess when a certain old conservative Premier of Ontario takes a trip to Jamaica they can get carried away. Ernie Eves was romanced, swooned and laid to rest in a beach chair as Chairman of Timeless Herbal Care said to be worth over 100 million and having eyes on tomorrow land.
Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals, at 48 cents a share, has proven to be a juicy fat party bomber for Senator Larry Campbell and John Reynolds, one of our more exciting former Members of Parliament. Market capital $11 million.
While Don Briere may be having a headache in Abbotsford his best pal, Barry Daniel is keeping Wildflower safe at 29 cents a share with a modest market capital of $11 million.
Omnibus Crime Bill C-51 exists in the dark humor of 1930’s style Flapper era Prohibition laws where in some states a mickey of rum entertained five to ten years in the slammer. Outside of righteous jury nullification, the defense in Canada is certainly one for Guardian Angels.
Cognitive dissonance is the new catch phrase. Liberal marijuana use is the new currency.
The current self-inflating wading pool of aggrandizement is providing for a make mine marijuana membership (the four M’s) of the right sort. Restricted memberships hearken back to the good old days where everyone knew their place.
Bambi, doe-eyed little girls, comedic sarcastic hipsters, tattooed, nose-ringed, ear-hooped, frail wheelchair bound bud-tenders are tough, fierce, tertiary, hardened, underground resistance fighters. As their tertiary Liberal elders did not, neither do they think small.
There is enough marijuana pie to go around. The demand will not abate. There is enough room at the table. We don’t have to die before we grow old. Everyone needs to wet their beak, see. Study the history of cannabis. What’s it say? What’s one of the strongest messages? “Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend.”
Featured Cartoon courtesy Aislin and the Montreal Gazette.


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