With Trump’s Plans Unclear, Here Are 6 Tips for Hiring Cannabis Employees

President Trump has indicated he won’t go after medical marijuana companies, but Sean Spicer’s comments about enforcing federal regulations on the recreational side make the future of that market far less clear. While some companies are tapping their breaks, the cannabis industry so far continues to heat up. Below, Kara Bradford, Chief Talent Officer at Viridian Staffing, a nationwide cannabis-focused recruiting firm founded in Seattle four years ago, offers tips for hiring great employees in 2017.

The Stigma is Falling Away, So Recruit From Related Industries– Executives and middle managers from other industries are joining the legal marijuana business as it becomes more mainstream. Companies should look to hire from industries with areas of expertise that can easily transfer like consumer packaged goods and manufacturing, agriculture, biotech, and retail. But if you want to lure great talent away from their current companies, make your salaries, benefits, and company culture as competitive and compelling as possible.

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