Tilray Announces Medical Cannabis Export to Chile

Tilray, a global leader in medical cannabis research and production, today announced that it has received necessary regulatory approvals in Canada and Chile to export medical cannabis for distribution to Chilean patients.

“Today’s announcement marks Tilray’s entry into Latin America and expands our international reach to a fourth continent,” said Brendan Kennedy, Tilray President. “We are proud to be able to offer patients in need access to high quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products.”

Tilray is partnering with Alef Biotechnology SpA to import and distribute Tilray products in the country. Alef is licensed by the Chilean government to commercially produce medical cannabis. Chilean law permits patients to access medical cannabis products under the supervision of a recommending physician. Currently, there are an estimated 88,000 Chilean patients suffering from a diverse range of conditions who could benefit from medical cannabis. The first shipment of Tilray products is expected to arrive in Chile by the end of February and will initially be available at select hospitals and pharmacies in Santiago. In addition to handling distribution of Tilray products in Chile, Alef has been granted the exclusive rights to distribute Tilray products in Brazil as part of an agreement between the two companies.

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