Radical Rant: Is It Still Civil Disobedience If It Makes A Profit?

This weekend, Canada’s best-known marijuana activists Marc and Jodie Emery were arrested by police in Montreal for their role in opening six new outlets for their Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary franchise.

Recently, a federal task force in Canada recommended that sales of marijuana be made legal to all adults 18 and older. They noted that while health officials cite 25 as the age at which brain development is complete, and therefore the marijuana minimum age should be older, keeping the age too high would maintain underground market sales and hamper the success of legalization.

Yet, Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre, in reaction to protests over the arrest of the Emerys, maintained his stance that “the law is the law,” and it has not been changed yet. He expressed “zero tolerance” for their actions, characterizing them as a threat to order and their actions a self-serving “public relations stunt.”

Canada’s Liberal government came to power in the most recent federal election partially because of the party’s open support for legalization of cannabis.

Yet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who repeatedly campaigned on the legalization issue, has joined the Montreal mayor’s condemnation of the Emerys, saying “until we’ve changed the law, the current laws exist and apply.”

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