‘Prince’ and ‘Princess of Pot’ Arrested and Released in Montreal Dispensary Raids

Marc and Jodie Emery among 10 people arrested for alleged trafficking- a day after opening six dispensaries.

Marc and Jodie Emery, the “Prince” and “Princess of Pot”, were reportedly arrested and released in Montreal on Friday — just one day after the marijuana activist couple opened six Cannabis Culture dispensaries within city limits.

“Marc Emery was arrested along with several employees after mass raids and arrests at the several new Cannabis Culture Dispensary locations which opened in Montreal yesterday,” read a post by Cannabis Culture on Facebook early Saturday morning.

The post goes on to say that Jodie Emery and Jeremiah Vandermeer, listed as Cannabis Culture’s chief of operations, were arrested at their hotel “for related reasons.” As of early Saturday morning, Cannabis Culture hadn’t responded to requests for comment.

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