Cannabis Culture Opens Multiple Marijuana Stores in Montreal Today

CANNABIS CULTURE – The marijuana revolution comes to Montreal! With line-ups down the street before the stores even opened their doors, Cannabis Culture held grand openings today for eight new marijuana dispensary locations in Quebec’s most populous city.

Jodie and Marc Emery – owners of the Cannabis Culture brand – held a packed press conference this morning inside CC’s new store at 2200 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, to bring attention to the hypocrisy of Canada’s current marijuana laws and explain their vision of what pot legalization should look like.

“If it’s wrong to arrest people two years from now, it is wrong to arrest them today,” Jodie Emery told numerous reporters and cheering fans.

The Emerys explained their philosophy of using peaceful civil disobedience to break the law, which they said has historically been the only effective method of reforming marijuana laws.

“Nearly half of all Canadians admit to using marijuana,” Jodie said. “Canadians voted for the Liberal party because they wanted legalization … well this is what legalization looks like. This is what marijuana should be. And I beg the Montreal police: let us be in peace. Please do not cause harm to the harmless people who are choosing to work here and push forward this very important issue.”

Marc Emery, who spent more than four years behind bars after the Canadian government extradited him to the USA for selling marijuana seeds, told the press he was ready to be arrested again if that’s what it takes to change the laws.

“Marijuana prohibition has never been legitimate,” he said. “Anyone who enforces this outdated, this despicable law, is a despicable person.”

Watch the full press conference on Pot TV:

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre tweeted today that he will use all the administrative tools the city has to stop the new cannabis stores, while a Montreal police spokesperson threatened arrests.

“It’s still illegal to sell marijuana for any recreational purposes, and it’s our responsibility to enforce the law, so that’s what we’ll do,” Cmdr. Marie-Claude Dandenault said. “If criminal acts are committed, we will take action.”

The opening of the new Montreal stores brings the total number of Cannabis Culture locations to 20, with two more set to open before the end of the year.

Cannabis Culture locations in other cities like Toronto, Hamilton, and Port Coquitlam have all been raided over the past few months, but the stores open immediately afterwards and continue to sell cannabis to anyone 19 years and older.

Stay tuned to Cannabis Culture & Pot TV for more reporting from the front lines of the fight for legalization in Montreal.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.