Call To Action: Contact Montreal’s Mayor To Show Support For Cannabis Culture

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Culture needs your help! Today CC opened eight new recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city of Montreal and the local government is not happy about it.

Cannabis Culture’s new locations have been flooded with customers, so many that there are line-ups down the street at each location. The people of Montreal have spoken – and they want legal cannabis storefronts!

Unfortunately, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre tweeted earlier today that he will use all the administrative tools the city has to stop Cannabis Culture and the proliferation of pot dispensaries. Montreal’s police department is also making threats.

“It’s still illegal to sell marijuana for any recreational purposes, and it’s our responsibility to enforce the law, so that’s what we’ll do,” Montreal police spokesperson Marie-Claude Dandenault said. “If criminal acts are committed, we will take action.”

Tell the mayor and police of Montreal you support Cannabis Culture by contacting officials at the links below.

• Call the Mayor at 514-868-5531

Write a message to the Mayor

Tweet at the Mayor

• Contact the Montreal Police at 514-280-2222

Write a message to the Police

Tweet at the Montreal police

Please be polite and let them know marijuana users are peaceful people who should not be arrested.

The people of Montreal have a right to purchase quality cannabis from a safe place and should not be forced to purchase from the black market.

The police and mayor have a choice: they DO NOT have to enforce unfair laws prohibition cannabis. Many Canadian cities have already written legislation legalizing cannabis dispensaries in their municipalities, and Montreal has the option to do the same.

Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, coffee or hamburgers. Tell the government to treat cannabis consumers fairly and to not discriminate against peaceful citizens for their personal choices.

We appreciate your support!

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.