The Stranger’s Cannabis Gift Guide

Doggie Tinctures, Advent Calendars, Modernist Pipes, and More.

Now that we’re on year three of legal weed in Washington, cannabis gifting is definitely a thing. As a service to you, dear readers, we’ve selected the best, weirdest, and most giftable products from our state’s overflowing cornucopia of cannabis.

Jesus Probably Loved Pot, So He’d Love Dockside’s Weed Advent Calendars

There is a pretty serious historical case to be made that Jesus was way down with the ganja. And no, it does not rest on his flowing locks, loose garments, and raggedy goatee. It rests on the fact that “messiah” roughly translates to “anointed one,” and that the biblical recipe for holy anointing oil calls for nine pounds of “kaneh-bosm” to be infused into olive oil. Kaneh-bosm, according to Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible author Chris Bennett, was mistranslated as a common marsh plant in the first Greek translation of the Bible, but is actually cannabis. So what better way to celebrate Jesus’s birth than with a shitload of weed?

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