Every U.S. State Where Weed is Legal

Thanks to a string of recent state elections, the laws concerning marijuana have changed in several states. The drug is still considered illegal on a federal level, but that national law also stipulates that states can pass laws to decriminalize possession of weed within its jurisdiction. Some states have chosen to go ahead and nearly fully legalize the possession, sale, transportation, and cultivation of the drug, while others have kept it completely illegal. Most states fall somewhere in the middle, only legalizing some aspects of marijuana.

With this list, we’re focusing specifically on marijuana possession, not the legality of its sale, cultivation, or transportation in each state. And this probably shouldn’t need to be said, but this article should not be considered legal counsel — if you are more interested in the specific laws regarding marijuana in your state, we encourage you to conduct more thorough research, as there are plenty of technicalities to take into account.

I will group each state into one of four categories of marijuana legality: Legal for medicinal and recreational use, Legal for medicinal use only, Decriminalized, and Still completely illegal. Read on to find where your state falls.

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