Rejecting Opioids, Pain Patients Find Relief with Marijuana

Julia Sullivan makes her own medicine, toasting marijuana buds in her oven, simmering them in oil, dripping the oil into capsules. She learned the recipe from people she found online or at a dispensary, people whose attention to detail reminds her of wine connoisseurs and craft beer enthusiasts.

“It’s a little strange for me to be part of this world,” said the 52-year-old freelance writer, who lives in Cambridge. “I’m the straightest arrow, the unlikeliest stoner.”

But in 2015, she joined the thousands of people who have registered with the state to legally possess marijuana for medical purposes. And she is among an unknown number of people who use marijuana to quell chronic pain. For them, cannabis brings relief without the perils and discomforts of prescription opioids.

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