Mom and I Opened a Medical Marijuana Dispensary — Here’s What We See

“Cam!” My mother said, “the G6 flower is still our top seller, but the brownies and cookies are going like crazy!”

Two years ago, hearing my mom talk about different kinds of marijuana would have been empirically weird, but today it is completely common. In November 2015, she, two business partners and I opened Harbory — a medical cannabis dispensary in Marion, Ill., two hours from my hometown of St. Louis.

My mother, Michele Koo, a plastic surgeon who wears high heels and a white lab coat when seeing patients, may not be the person you’d imagine running a dispensary. Nor am I, a Stanford University graduate who left a job at Anheuser-Busch making Super Bowl commercials with the Budweiser Clydesdales. I have never used marijuana; my mom smoked a few times in college. We became interested in medical cannabis after my mom’s mom — “Na,” we called her, Chinese for grandmother — died of cancer in California without the benefit of cannabis as an end-of-life palliative.

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