Marijuana In Germany: After Weed Sales Nearly Double, Will Legal Medical Cannabis Laws Change Soon?

More and more people are purchasing cannabis in Germany. The country, which only allows the use of medical marijuana for people suffering with chronic illnesses, saw a spike in weed sales in the first half of 2016 compared with the amount of marijuana purchased by patients in the first six months of 2015, according to a statement released by the Federal Ministry of Health, The Local reported Friday.

This comes as Left Party marijuana advocates are pushing the German parliament, known as the Bundestag, to approve a new law Health Minister Hermann Gröhe proposed in May that would legalize medical marijuana for all medicinal purposes, chronic or not.

Use of cannabis was illegal in Germany until 2005 when the Federal Administrative Court passed a measure allowing people suffering from chronic pain and illness to be prescribed the cannabis on an individual self-therapy basis. However, some Left Party members say the process in which patients have to go through to get the marijuana is too difficult and too expensive.

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