Cannabis Culture Dispensary in Peterborough Raided By Police, Staff Arrested

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Culture’s newest marijuana dispensary location in Peterborough, Ontario was raided Monday morning.

Peterborough Police arrested franchise owner and manager Richard Standen and another staff member named Maranda Gallant who was checking IDs at the front door. Both were taken into custody by police and held overnight.

This is the third Cannabis Culture dispensary raid in Ontario in recent weeks, with raids and arrests happening at our other stores at 801 Queen Street West and 711 Queen St East.

Gallant was released Tuesday morning with charges by Peterborough authorities with Standen still in custody.

“What happened yesterday was completely unreasonable; Cannabis Culture employees are moms, husbands, aunts, brothers, and sisters of loved ones. They are not criminals,” Gallant told Cannabis Culture after her release.

“I hope to see one open again and I will definitely be working there. I had to sign a couple sheets in order to get my 14 month old child back from CAS and I told them I would not sign anything that says I will not work at a Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary. I don’t think any one who works at a dispensary should have their child taken away when all they’re trying to do is support their family through this employment opportunity.”

Video from the scene recorded for Cannabis Culture shows police inside the Peterborough location with a crowd gathered outside.

Recent press coverage of the dispensary’s opening helped to make the location a popular place over the past few days, with line-ups of customers at the door hoping to purchase craft cannabis without a doctors note or permission from Health Canada.

“Do bully cops ENJOY arresting a harmless gentleman who gives the PEACE sign in cuffs?” Cannabis Culture owner Jodie Emery tweeted shortly after the raid. “Shame on the police!”

Prince of Pot Marc Emery – who spent five years in prison in the US for selling marijuana seeds and is the founder of Cannabis Culture – will be at the Peterborough police station on Saturday to protest the arrest.

Cannabis Culture’s marijuana dispensaries are part business, part activist tool to intended to help reform marijuana laws.

“We are proud to provide a positive, welcoming, safe space for cannabis consumers and enthusiasts,” a mission statement posted in Cannabis Culture’s dispensaries reads. “We are committed to defending the civil liberties and freedom of cannabis consumers, growers, and providers by campaigning to end unjust criminalization and persecution. We believe in the power of activism and peaceful civil disobedience to advance cannabis law reform and demonstrate what legalization should look like.”

You can help by contacting the Peterborough Police on Twitter or by phone at 705-876-1122 and politely telling them you support Cannabis Culture.

Stay tuned to Cannabis Culture and Pot TV for more information on the raid and protest.

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Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.