Why People Think Potheads are Lazy: A History

“I no longer doubt that marijuana can be an intellectual stimulant,” wrote the Harvard professor Lester Grinspoon in 1994. “It can help the user to penetrate conceptual boundaries, promote fluidity of associations, and enhance insight and creativity.”
Those sentences are from his introduction to an edition of Marihuana Reconsidered, his groundbreaking 1971 book that aimed to challenge the public outcry over marijuana use.

The original edition of Marihuana Reconsidered also included an essay by someone who referred to himself as “Mr. X,” and he noted how being high in the shower helped him figure out how racism worked—a revelation that inspired him to write 11 essays in an hour. The claim sounded crazy, until it was revealed that Mr. X was Carl Motherfucking Sagan.

Sagan is a great example of a pothead who’s accomplished amazing stuff while high—and he’s not alone. Steve Jobs used marijuana to aid his creativity in the 70s, while weed was one of many chemicals it took to get Hunter S. Thompson’s mental engines revving. Francis Crick was one of the scientists who discovered DNA, as well as an unlikely pot advocate who was a founding member of the proto-legalization group called Society of Mental Awareness (SOMA). The famed neurologist Oliver Sacks wrote that pot allowed him to reconcile with his own atheism; author Lee Childs—whose Jack Reacher novels are a favorite among the Fox News set—recently admitted he’s smoked every night for 44 years and writes while stoned. So why the hell do people generally think of potheads as lazy do-nothings?

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